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March 21, 2019

Rebel Wilson’s 39th Birthday

Rebel Wilson— or, to be more complete, Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson— is one of the most prolific Australian actors, producers, and writers in history. Her beginnings, however, were rather humble. In 2003, she graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People, which allowed for her to further blossom into the role of significance which she ended up basking in not long after her graduation.

Recently, Rebel Wilson has celebrated her 39th birthday, an age that perhaps reminds us just how much time has truly passed in our lives. Regardless, Wilson remains the perfect image of youth, questioning the assertion of aging single-handedly.

Being such a likable and entertaining person, Wilson has some amazing friends who happened to throw one of those cheesy-but-cute surprise parties that looks like it came directly out of an episode of Full House. Rest assured, the act was greatly appreciated by Wilson, who expressed her admiration for her friends on Instagram the same day.

It is the sort of innocent appreciation for the little things in life that Rebel Wilson possesses which keeps fans continually inspired by her every move. By watching a strong woman lead her life in the manner she likes, working for the people she likes, one can hardly helped but start to flutter with appreciation for the cause of it. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

It is simply too difficult to pretend that seeing someone who can constantly find love in a world that is so largely consistent of hatred and bigotry. The ability to do this ought to be regarded as one of the most important skills an individual can possess.

Not only is Rebel Wilson a prolific figure on all fronts of the film industry, but she has solidified herself as one of Australia’s greatest comedians as well. Variety themselves named her one of the top ten comics of 2011.

When one looks upon Rebel Wilson’s career, it becomes apparent, that she is not only in it for the money and the fame, but that she has an abundant level of care for the work she completes. It is easy to say, after viewing her work, that one hundred percent of her heart goes into everything she does, creating bubbles of passion in every field she chooses to explore.

A woman like Rebel Wilson is extremely uncommon, and it is a blessing to live in an age where we can experience art on such a high caliber as her own.

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