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March 11, 2019

Allied Wallet Services to Canada and Spain

Allied Wallet company has been in operation since 2002 when Dr. Andy Khawaja founded it with the aim of providing online payment solution and revolutionized e-commerce. Over the years the company has enrolled more than a million clients from various parts of the globe to increase the logistics of the company. There are more than 1000 employees well trained and dedicated to providing high standard services to all clients. There are more than ten technologies in the company that ensures the smooth running of the company. CEO Dr. Khawaja has taken the initiative to expand the reach of the company to various parts of the world.

Allied Wallet Expansion has been in Canada where almost 97% of the people have started using these online payments methods. The company, therefore, has taken the initiative to modify and improve their services giving people a variety of benefits including being able to select the bank of their choice and make payments directly from their accounts. There is stiff competition from other related companies, but Allied Wallet emerges at the top since it has established a chain of compatible payments services including CaixaBankWallet, SOFORT, Trustly among others.

In Spain, the Allied Wallet company serves more than 23 million people precisely the online merchants. Most of these online shoppers utilize their money on purchases related to fashion, books, CDs, tickets, electronics among others. Allied Wallet has ensured that their services are at low transaction cost hence maintain good relation with the clients. Their services will last long and even by 2022 research have shown that fashion and other online purchases will have increased; hence Allied Wallet is convenient and reliable. Through the Digital Agenda for Spain, there was an increase in the number of internet users thus high internet connectivity increasing the number of clients at Allied Wallet.

Dr. Khawaja has introduced Trustly and SOFORT services in Spain which provides instant, safe and secure bank transfer. These services processes more than 3 million monthly transactions involving more than 30, 00 online shoppers. Many people who experience the benefits of Allied Wallet have recommended others to join since it’s a solution to online transactions.

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