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March 07, 2019

Madison Street Capital Gets the Distressed Deal of the Year Award

Madison Street Capital has been on a special mission in the last decade. The company has invested its resources in making its reputation grow by serving the customers in the best way they know. The institution has achieved its goal, and this explains why it has been getting many awards in the global market. During the 13 Turnaround Awards that are offered by the M&A Advisor awards, Madison Street Capital was one of the companies that was offered a prestigious award. The investment banking firm which is based in the United States was announced to the winner of the Annual Turnaround Award, a coveted recognition which was highly competitive. The executives in charge of the awards said that Madison Street Capital should get the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year recognition because of their hard work and excellent performance when it was serving as the advisor for a popular company called Sachs Capital Group.


Sachs Capital Group wanted to take on a private company called RMG Networks, and the only institution capable of handling the complex transaction was Madison Street Capital. Choosing Madison Street Capital for the role was one of the best things that were ever done by the Sachs Capital Group. At the end of the whole transactions, all of the teams involved had nothing but praises to offer to the investment banking firm. For complex transactions that are sensitive, Madison Street Capital is always keen to offer the management to the best and most experienced professionals so that there are no failures. For the Sachs Capital Group activities, Barry Petersen, the executive who has been holding the role of senior managing director was chosen to take charge of leading the rest. Petersen is a veteran in advisory transactions, and he has the knowledge to make his company emerge as the winner.


Charles Botchway founded his organization with the sole of bringing a change in the global market, and he says that his team has been greatly honored for the work his team has been able to accomplish. Charles Botchway currently manages his company as the chief executive officer, and he oversees most of the transactions the company has been undertaking. The new award has managed Madison Street Capital reputation in the spotlight. Everyone now wants to hire the services of the global company because people have been assured of the best quality. The M&A Advisor Awards are not common in many companies, and this means Madison Street Capital is fortunate to have been recognized.


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