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February 25, 2019

A Perfect Valentine’s Day Movie Date: Isn’t It Romantic Starring Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is set to dominate the blockbusters this coming Valentine’s Day with her upcoming movie – “Isn’t It Romantic?” This is Rebel Wilson’s first Hollywood film wherein she would be starring as the lead role.

Rebel Wilson is co-starring with other big names in Hollywood like his leading man, Liam Hemsworth, and up and coming Hollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra. “Isn’t It Romantic” is a romantic-comedy film that revolves around a girl named “Natalie” (played by Rebel) and she gets caught up in an unfortunate situation in the subway which gets her a head injury.

When she finally wakes up, she realizes that she is stuck in an alternate universe that is filled with romantic-comedy cliches, and the only one out of the dimension was to avoid every single cliche that she encounters. “Isn’t It Romantic” is a film directed by Todd Strauss – Schulson and is produced by Todd Garner and Grant Scharbo. The film is set to premiere on Valentine’s Eve – and we have nothing to expect but another stellar performance from Rebel Wilson.

The Pitch Perfect movie franchise was the first platform that Rebel Wilson was popularized in – and it was because of Rebel Wilson’s stellar performance as Fat Amy. In Pitch Perfect, Rebel Wilson was able to show her high-caliber as an artist in the movie, she was able to showcase her talent in comedy, singing, dancing and acting. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

What makes Rebel Wilson such a successful actress that is easy to love is because she has an exquisite take on American comedy which is mixed with her Australian culture. Rebel Wilson also has a lovable and charming personality that easily manifests through her performance, even on screen. What sets Rebel Wilson apart from other comedians is that she laughs at herself first, so that you are able to laugh with her.

Rebel Wilson is also known for her performance in a supporting role in the movie “How To Be Single.” In this movie, she plays to her strengths again – exuding confidence, comedy and independence as a woman. She co-stars with Dakota Johnson in this movie.

Rebel Wilson has also built tough skin in her stay in Hollywood and has primed her mind and heart for the harsh critics of the wolves of media in Hollywood. As we all know and as we can state the obvious, Rebel Wilson does not have the traditional and standard physical appearance of the staple Hollywood actress.

But Rebel Wilson still finds the beauty in her own shape, skin and size and has learned that there is beauty in everyone. Although, what she took away from this is that she should live a healthier life, exercise better and take care of her well-being.

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