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February 23, 2019

The RealReal Holiday Resale Report, A True Guide For Luxury Shopping

Originally created to be a data report, The RealReal revealing their 2018 Holiday Resale Report, released December 6 by the luxury brand, has become a guideline for the luxury shopper. With the report becoming a guide to holiday shopping, gifting a brand is on the rise.

The RealReal is a consignment business specializing in luxury items focusing largely on handbags, jewelry, and apparel. With an expert team of authenticators, the public can be assured each and every item is, “Real.” Started in her kitchen by CEO Julie Wainwright, today it has grown into the leading premier site for online luxury consignment items. Announcing two years ago that the RealReal would be opening a store, the growth of this company is largely due to their belief in the lifecycle of luxury. They not only recognize the joy of luxury, but they celebrate artists and designers and quality craftmanship, and give people the opportunity to re-consign giving someone else the joy of luxury as well.

Amid their many brands, the holiday report states that Hermès resale price showed an increase of 67 percent along with Birkin, Kelly and Constance bags as part of the luxury firm’s popular line, showing a substantial increase as well. Experiencing a very enjoyable uprise in resale value, the women’s line from Moncler showed great promise.

While a few brands experienced a decline, most performed beyond expectation and retained their retail value. In combination with the ever-popular designer bags, The RealReal reports that apparel and fine jewelry, a notable trend, remained a large part of the holiday wish list in 2018.

Stating the fact that the company hopes to assist holiday shoppers by helping them not only find a gift; but an investment piece, this report truly is far more than data. It is the guide to gifting luxury; and sustaining its lifecycle for years to come.

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