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February 08, 2019

Steve Lesnard believes in the power of the internet in promoting brands

Steve Lesnard has played an instrumental role in the development of brands as a business professional. He has extensive experience in the business sector since he kick-started his professional career in the field. He created a good foundation when he studied entrepreneurship and business in his higher education. Steve Lesnard also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Steve Lesnard’s Career Growth

His excellent managerial skills have been vital in the growth of his career as a business guru. Steve Lesnard landed his first job at Nike-an athletics company. He has honed the skills over the years by working in several departments of the company. Steve successfully helped in the development and selling of Nike’s brand in the footwear department. He also participated in a marketing campaign for Nike’s brands during the Beijing Olympics. He has grown within the company to occupy the top executive positions such as the Global Running Vice President. His expertise in management assisted him to earn promotion and was appointed the general manager of the Global Running.

The revolution of business through technology

Steve is passionate about entrepreneurship and is excited about the power of technology in the transformation of enterprises. He acknowledges that for business to achieve the growth they must position themselves to take advantage of internet marketing. Steve has experience in the development of brands and states that the internet provides the fastest way to introduce the brands of the business to a broad audience.

He states that social media platforms are powerful marketing channels if used correctly to capture the target market. Steve Lesnard advises entrepreneurs to create products that align to the needs of their clients first before strategizing on the marketing of products. He gives two principles if used correctly will transform an entrepreneurs branding initiatives.

Principle 1: Observing simplicity

SteveLesnard says that the marketing theme should be simple and clear to create a long-lasting impression on the clients. Entrepreneurs should be creative to introduce a message that will capture the benefits the customers will get by utilizing their products.

Principle 2: Bring the consumer experience to life

In this strategy, the entrepreneur should create videos to show the product features and some innovative features that differentiate it from other products.

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