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February 04, 2019

Chamonix’s Genucel Products and Women Aware Help Abuse Survivors Prosper

Looking good and healing from domestic abuse may seem like entirely different concepts to some, but the combined efforts of Women Aware, a nonprofit Middlesex, New Jersey-based support group founded in 1981 for females and their families who have experienced domestic abuse, and Genucel, a subdivision of a beauty company titled Chamonix, have helped heal formerly abused women by encouraging self-esteem growth and repair. How does it work? Well, abuse is a stressor that can result in low self-esteem, PTSD, and mental disorders such as anxiety and depression; in turn, these mental illnesses and stress cause plenty of ailments and poor health effects, including poor skin conditions and eye bags, which eventually evolve into wrinkles and loose skin. This is where Genucel comes in; Women Aware receives beauty bags from Genucel that include anti-wrinkle creams that can help repair the formerly abused women’s skin and make it look and feel healthier, which, of course, serves to boost the women’s self-esteem, helping them feel better about themselves and forget about the insecurities they harbored during and in aftermath of the abuse they experienced, reports medicaldailytimes.

On top of providing the women receiving aid through Women Aware with beauty bags, Genucel made monetary donations to 5k marathons and walks geared towards raising funds and awareness for domestic abuse and programs to help rehabilitate women who are trying to recover from it. Not only do these walks raise awareness to the victims, but, believe it or not, they also serve as a form of therapy for these same victims; it is called ecotherapy, and it is the concept that walking outdoors, and exploring nature and being outside in general, has health benefits and positive effects on both the mind and body. It is especially helpful for treating depression and anxiety, which is why this form of outdoors therapy, combined with the Genucel products that enforce high self-esteem, is great for women who have survived domestic abuse.

Together, the hotlines, emergency shelters, and abuse recovery programs provided by Women Aware plus Genucel’s anti-wrinkle products, which make women’s skin healthier and boost their self-esteem, lead women down a path of self-rediscovery, healing, and self-love.


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