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February 21, 2019

The impact of New Residential Investment Corp on business

The New Residential Investment Corp is a prominent real estate investment trust utilized by its clients. It was initiated on 26 September 2011 and has made a remarkable significance for the commercial enterprises. The key role of the firm is to make investments and returns to the clients and stakeholders. In addition, the organization is dedicated to concentrating on investments that concern real estates. The New Residential Investment Corp is diversified into parts like investments in real estate securities and investments in extra mortgage service rates. Through its development, it has been able to create job opportunities and elevated the community at large.

New Residential Investment Corp has purchased the servicer advances to comprise of the rights to basic fee component among others. Through this acquisition, it has managed to gain returns on the servicers utilizing the mechanism. Furthermore, it acquired the rated bonds supported by the protected categories of servicers issued by mortgage amenities. The New Residential Investment Corp invests into two types of securities. These are the residential mortgage-backed securities and the non-residential mortgage-backed securities. They play a crucial role in the firm due to the durations given to each of them.

In the residential mortgage-backed securities, the New Residential Investment Corp invests in some agencies such as the mortgage pass-through certificates. However, the non-residential mortgage-backed securities that the firm may purchase might be protected by fixed-rate and flexible-rate mortgages. The majority of the securities have a range of short to medium- term duration.

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February 20, 2019

“Isn’t It Romantic” Rebel Wilson & Co-Stars Danced In A Whitney Houston’s Popular Song

Stars of the upcoming rom-com parody movie “Isn’t It Romantic” danced to Whitney Houston in the film’s latest clip. The clip was released a week before the movie’s release date and is released by Warner Bros. It previews one of the love triangles which will happen in the movie.

The clip features Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine, and Chopra Jonas dancing and singing to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” inside a club. Wilson’s character Natalie and Chopra’s character Isabella are both trying to get the attention of Devine’s character Josh. The musical was finished with Natalie successfully earning Josh’s attention while Isabella was seen sipping her drinks in the corner.

Natalie works as an architect in New York City which works very hard to get recognition in her current job. But instead of working on big projects, she can often be seen stirring coffee and delivering it to her co-workers. She is also known for her hatred in romantic comedy shows when everybody seems to be fond of those.

Because of this, Natalie is having a hard time meeting the love of her life. These will all change after she falls prey to a mugger during her work commute and wakes up in a hospital. After waking up, she will find herself inside a romantic comedy and she is the leading lady. To get her old life back, she needs to make someone fall in love with her. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Adam DeVine’s Josh and Chopra Jonas’ Isabella are characters appearing after Natalie’s accident. Josh is an earnest friend of the main character while Isabella is a Yoga ambassador. Josh is one of Natalie’s love interest, the other one being Natalie’s client Blake, which is played by Liam Hemsworth. Other cast includes Betty Gilpin, Brandon Scott, Tom Ellis, and Jennifer Saunders. The first trailer was released November last year, which quickly features the plot.

It can be remembered that Adam DeVine already teased this dance musical with Rebel Wilson early on this year. He told Hollywood Life that he and Wilson will be sharing a “song and dance” performance. He also made a comment that his and Wilson’s fans would be disappointed if there is no performance in the movie. DeVine and Wilson both starred on the musical movie “Pitch Perfect” and has shared a lot of scenes together performing musical performances.

In addition to “Isn’t It Romantic”, Rebel Wilson will also join more three more movies this year. She will be joining the movie “The Hustle” as Lonnie. She will also join “Jojo Rabbit” as Fraulein Rahm and “Cats” as Jennyanydots. “Isn’t It Romantic” is slated to be released this February 13 and February 28 on Netflix.

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February 19, 2019

Ryan Seacrest Teaches Work Ethics

Ryan Seacrest is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist with lots of diverse interest, ranging from being a host to being a producer and broadcasting in some of the local and nationally syndicated radio and cable television in the US. He has hosted the shows and programs like American Idol from the year 2002 and On Air with Ryan Seacrest since the year 2004. He also founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, in 2009, a non-profitable foundation which is dedicated to helping the youth get inspired by the use of both education and entertainment. Having an interest in entrepreneurship and fashion he founded a cloth line for men known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction in 2014 which is known to present the most iconic and classy looks. In 2017 he went to work with Kelly Ripa to host the show Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Ryan Seacrest is considered to be the most hardworking American with almost ten jobs to run. To be able to manage this tight schedule, he must have an excellent work ethic. Here are some ideas that help him run all these jobs. He is an early riser, at 5 AM he is up to exercise and freshen up for an early start. He believes that there is a reason for everything he does and that there is always an opportunity for something great. He learns to beat up his insecurities, for instance, remaining fit gives him confidence.

Ryan Seacrest is known for his consistent that is flexible when it comes to change and he is organized. He advises people to accept any job that comes by as it opens an opportunity to exposure. He also believes in doing something that the community around will benefit from. He works constantly as he says that to beat the competition that is out there one has to give the best. He also interacts with people on social media and has more than four million followers.

Ryan Seacrest secret is that he loves being busy, focused and is grateful that he has worked. He loves his homeland and has built his career from there. He believes in having a good mentor and advise people not to relax and enjoy when they hit great goals but to continue striving as no one has control over everything.

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February 15, 2019

Charitable Marketing Expert, Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is among the renowned marketers in New York. She has also previously worked for journalism firms which sparked her interest in not only marketing but also fashion and lifestyle. She has also worked with a few celebrities for whom she managed their public relations as well as their branding.

Victoria Doramus studied Journalism and mass communication, specializing in advertising and copyright at the University of Colorado. She graduated in 2009 and began work immediately at a journalism firm for about three years, after which she decided to then pursue art, fashion, and design from the United Kingdom.

When she came back to the United States, she immediately began working with marketing firms. Interacting with her customers was quite easy on her side because of her journalism skills which she had acquired while she practiced it. She was also a bit more exposed to the fashion trends, and therefore branding celebrities were too easy on her side.

Although not many people know about it, Victoria Doramus is also a recovery expert. She has been a volunteer at some rehabilitation centers across the United States, where she gets to talk to addicts that are in their recovery process.

An example of the rehabilitation centers that she volunteers for is the Amy Winehouse Foundation which mainly deals with people suffering from alcohol addiction. Victoria can relate with the patients at the center because she was once an addict and the foundation helped her with the recovery process.

She also volunteers for charity organizations, especially those that mainly target the women, youth and children’s welfare. Room to Read is an example of the charity organizations that mostly help children from less fortunate families so that they can access quality education.

Victoria Doramus also volunteers for organizations that visit the women in prison periodically. Sometimes, she goes by herself to the jails and makes sure that the women there at least get access to essential sanitary items. Courtesy of the exposure she has had both in the journalism and marketing field, she can get as many sponsors as possible so that they can partner with the charity organizations that she works with.

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February 11, 2019

Short Bio of Ryan Seacrest

Throughout the last two decades, Ryan Seacrest has proven himself to be a true journeyman. He is worked on a multitude of projects in a variety of different facets of entertainment. Recently, Ryan Seacrest joined Kelly Ripa as a co-host on the Emmy winning team at ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan.’ Thus, Seacrest essentially took over the role left by Regis Philbin on this production. He is also a prominent voice in radio, as ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ is the top nationally syndicated morning talk radio show, run by KIIS FM out of sunny Los Angeles. Every year Ryan Seacrest makes an appearance at Times Square in New York City for New Year’s Eve, as a part of ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.’ Seacrest is not only a host at this famous event, but he is also one of the esteemed producers behind the production.

In 2006, Seacrest launched Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP). Since its inception, RSP has won multiple Emmy awards and produces the massively popular reality TV show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ Ryan Seacrest has also invested in Civic Entertainment Group, which is a marketing services group; with a particular focus on the entertainment industry. Civic Entertainment Group is partnered with Pinterest and attn, which is a media company focused on news media that targets a millennial audience. To further diversify, Seacrest launched a men’s clothing line at Macy’s in 2014. Ryan Seacrest’s ‘Distinction’ line of clothes was one of the most successful clothing launches that Macy’s has experienced in years.

Finally, Ryan Seacrest also has some philanthropic work in his resume. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) is a non-profit foundation that opens media centres and and broadcast centres within Children’s hospitals across the United States of America. These centres aim to bring cheer and inspire young children to pursue media based careers and interests. This is attempted through a variety of hands-on and educational founded programs put on by these studios. Ryan Seacrest is on the board at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and maintains an honorary chair on the Grammy foundation’s board.

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February 11, 2019

Get Beautiful Lips With The EOS Brand

Are you having a problem finding the proper lubrication for your lips? Unfortunately, your lips go through a lot day in and day out. Many people turn to lip gloss products to give their lips shine. The popular logoless EOS brand continues to be a trusted brand that’s used by thousands of girls and guys around the world. Trust their brand to carry you throughout harsh weather with the maximum coverage. They continue to offer their users a complete hypoallergenic blend that promises to give their users the maximum coverage. Best of all, their products are safe to use multiple times a day.

Are you interested in the maximum coverage with a great fragrance to match? The EOS blend is one of the very few lip balm products that offers their clients aromatherapy. Their fast acting ingredients go deep within your skin tissue to offer you dedicated shine. Their lip balm is complete with vitamins and antioxidants that also promotes healthy lips. Today, everyone is concerned with their appearance. Why not try a lip balm with proven results that you can trust? You’re invited to reach out to the EOS blend today for coverage that lasts up to 12 hours.

February 08, 2019

Steve Lesnard believes in the power of the internet in promoting brands

Steve Lesnard has played an instrumental role in the development of brands as a business professional. He has extensive experience in the business sector since he kick-started his professional career in the field. He created a good foundation when he studied entrepreneurship and business in his higher education. Steve Lesnard also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Steve Lesnard’s Career Growth

His excellent managerial skills have been vital in the growth of his career as a business guru. Steve Lesnard landed his first job at Nike-an athletics company. He has honed the skills over the years by working in several departments of the company. Steve successfully helped in the development and selling of Nike’s brand in the footwear department. He also participated in a marketing campaign for Nike’s brands during the Beijing Olympics. He has grown within the company to occupy the top executive positions such as the Global Running Vice President. His expertise in management assisted him to earn promotion and was appointed the general manager of the Global Running.

The revolution of business through technology

Steve is passionate about entrepreneurship and is excited about the power of technology in the transformation of enterprises. He acknowledges that for business to achieve the growth they must position themselves to take advantage of internet marketing. Steve has experience in the development of brands and states that the internet provides the fastest way to introduce the brands of the business to a broad audience.

He states that social media platforms are powerful marketing channels if used correctly to capture the target market. Steve Lesnard advises entrepreneurs to create products that align to the needs of their clients first before strategizing on the marketing of products. He gives two principles if used correctly will transform an entrepreneurs branding initiatives.

Principle 1: Observing simplicity

SteveLesnard says that the marketing theme should be simple and clear to create a long-lasting impression on the clients. Entrepreneurs should be creative to introduce a message that will capture the benefits the customers will get by utilizing their products.

Principle 2: Bring the consumer experience to life

In this strategy, the entrepreneur should create videos to show the product features and some innovative features that differentiate it from other products.

February 04, 2019

Chamonix’s Genucel Products and Women Aware Help Abuse Survivors Prosper

Looking good and healing from domestic abuse may seem like entirely different concepts to some, but the combined efforts of Women Aware, a nonprofit Middlesex, New Jersey-based support group founded in 1981 for females and their families who have experienced domestic abuse, and Genucel, a subdivision of a beauty company titled Chamonix, have helped heal formerly abused women by encouraging self-esteem growth and repair. How does it work? Well, abuse is a stressor that can result in low self-esteem, PTSD, and mental disorders such as anxiety and depression; in turn, these mental illnesses and stress cause plenty of ailments and poor health effects, including poor skin conditions and eye bags, which eventually evolve into wrinkles and loose skin. This is where Genucel comes in; Women Aware receives beauty bags from Genucel that include anti-wrinkle creams that can help repair the formerly abused women’s skin and make it look and feel healthier, which, of course, serves to boost the women’s self-esteem, helping them feel better about themselves and forget about the insecurities they harbored during and in aftermath of the abuse they experienced, reports medicaldailytimes.

On top of providing the women receiving aid through Women Aware with beauty bags, Genucel made monetary donations to 5k marathons and walks geared towards raising funds and awareness for domestic abuse and programs to help rehabilitate women who are trying to recover from it. Not only do these walks raise awareness to the victims, but, believe it or not, they also serve as a form of therapy for these same victims; it is called ecotherapy, and it is the concept that walking outdoors, and exploring nature and being outside in general, has health benefits and positive effects on both the mind and body. It is especially helpful for treating depression and anxiety, which is why this form of outdoors therapy, combined with the Genucel products that enforce high self-esteem, is great for women who have survived domestic abuse.

Together, the hotlines, emergency shelters, and abuse recovery programs provided by Women Aware plus Genucel’s anti-wrinkle products, which make women’s skin healthier and boost their self-esteem, lead women down a path of self-rediscovery, healing, and self-love.


February 02, 2019

The genius of Blockchain, Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is called the Bill Gates in his country for founding blockchain technologies. He is very instrumental in the financial world for the invention of applications and development of software. He is the inventor and use of blockchain technologies. Serge Belamant’s invention has become the base for the creation of cryptocurrencies. Serge Belamant achieved this by the use of smart cards and a micro-controller. The micro-controller can create distributed transaction ledger independently. Several banks and governments use the blockchain technology for various operations including the depositing and withdrawal of money in a very secure manner.

The story behind this genius, Serge Belamant

About Serge Belamant, he is French by origin having been born in France at Tulle in 1953. He moved together with his father to South Africa. He stayed there and learned English before joining the Johannesburg high school at school. He was highly recognized owing to his participation in various outdoor activities. He excelled in games like rugby and athletics in general. He also did well in his academic work. He was respected for the achievements and was made the house captain in the bridge and science club. After a year, he was made the perfect, continued to excel until he completed his high school, and performed exceptionally. The results landed him a position the university. At Witwat University, he studied engineering but later changed to computer science and applied mathematics. In the third year, he transferred to UNISA and studied information systems. He dropped from the University for failing to redo the courses he did at previously.

Work experience and the blockchain technology inception

He landed his first work at matrix. He worked in the technological department. He developed computer models for CSIR. He was later made the manager of the department. He also worked for various other technology firms, and it was through these activities that he created the much-loved application, UEPS from FT. The moment of N1 Technology ser in and Serge Belamant used this technology to improve his creative invention and came up with the smart card using microtechnology. The invention led to his promotion to the CEO and chairperson of Net1 Technologies.


February 01, 2019

How Neurocore Is Settling Brain Activity

It is often difficult to manage the virtual as would with the physical. Scientists for many years now have been trying to understand how the brain works. Appreciatively there are pointers that show fruit, however, the entire interface is yet to be unraveled. There are still many mysteries as to how the brain processes thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and behaviors. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore, a science-based company has been applying various technology in the management of certain neurological conditions traced back to brain functioning. It has a rich success history of using advanced QEEG Technology, Brain mapping and Neurofeedback in managing mental disorders such as sleep, depression, anxiety, ADHD and ASD just to mention but a few.

It has been found out that the brain conveys information through electrical impulses in wavy movements. The EEG technology helps in brain diagnosis as it is able to detect electrical activity in the brain. From whence, scientists are able to tell the condition a patient is suffering from be it epilepsy, brain tumor, dysfunction, stroke, inflammation, brain damage or injury among others.


Brain mapping, on the other hand, happens via the use of a computer. Using a control application, the computer is able to capture individual brain activity records. Medical experts can then access the database or profile to gauge the mental state. They then train the brain to perform at peak despite any external or internal hindrance. Neurofeedback is a therapy that involves the use of anti-depressants and psychotherapy to stabilize one’s brain activity and performance. Using these technologies Neurocore has successfully managed many people and will continue to do the same. Its relevance can be explained by a recent survey report by the National Institute of Mental Health that showed about 10.3 million adults in the United State have mental disorders and majorly depression.

About Neurocore

Neurocore Brain Performance Center was founded in 2004 to manage a host of mental disorders using EEG, QEEG, and Biofeedback monitoring technologies. These institutions have been at the forefront helping in brain assessment and training to ensure its performance is at peak despite any environment one is in. today, Neurocore has eight brain performance centers in various parts of the country including Florida and Michigan. Visit to know more about Neurocore.