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January 28, 2019

Sunday Riley has Come up With Skincare Products That Are Good For the Skin

Sunday Riley, CEO, founded her own skincare and makeup brand in 2009. The CEO’s products are marketed under various names including Good Genes. The Sunday Riley brand is a cult brand known as green technology. She took her personal skin care routine and marketed it. Riley wants to live to age 120 without looking like a 90-year-old. To continue to look young into your senior years, one needs active ingredients like botanicals. Riley tries out every product she makes and tweaks it. Through trial and error Riley learns how to make her cosmetics better. One should never be afraid of trial and error.

Good Genes isn’t Sunday Riley’s favorite cosmetic product. She is proud of all her products. If she is really dissatisfied with a product, Sunday Riley will drop it from the product line. Good Genes is performing, so Riley keeps it in the product line. Riley tries to be unemotional about her products because if any of them stop performing well, she can remove it from the product line. Good Genes is made in 20 different shades.

Sunday Riley believes that the person and the product line are not the same. The success of the product has humbled Riley and made her feel a responsibility towards her public. Sunday Riley does not like to read about the publicity of her products. If anyone has a complaint about her products, Riley wants to hear it from her team.

Customers are obsessed with Good Genes because it makes them look great without irritating their skin. Skincare junkies can expect instant results. It is hard to say if Good Genes is Riley’s best selling product. Good Genes performs very well. Sunday Riley is very satisfied with Power Couple, UFO, CEO, and Luna that are all experiencing fantastic sales. All the products work together as an effective skin regiment.

One must wash her face twice a day and use Good Genes three times a week to get rid of dead skin. Wash the face with UFO and Tidal. Luna must be used at night. Juno is good for an occasional facial massage.

January 27, 2019

“Paul Saunders Talks About Burnout “

Paul Saunders founder of the James River Capital Corporation knows the warning signs of burnout in employees. He believes employers must pay attention to the warning signs and help their employees reduce stress. This he says, helps employees to avoid burnout, and eventually gets them back on track.

He says one sign of burnout is a loss of control. Often this comes from rigid schedules, with little flexibility. This leads the employees to feel trapped. He suggests having employees, take 15 minutes every day to outline their goals. This will give them a sense of control.

Another problem that arises is a lack of promotion or not being compensated for work. When management does not communicate with employees, this often leads to negative feelings about the job. Managers should be honest and open about decisions, and provide reasonable explanations. Offering workshops or seminars to help workers cope with stress, helps with employee performance.

When employees are stressed, they often become moody and angry. These feelings lead to a lack of motivation. Managers should talk with employees often, and they should suggest hobbies or activities outside of work. When employees experience burnout says Paul Saunders they often lose confidence and the quality of their work declines.

When managers check in with employees, and set goals that are reasonable to achieve they help them get back on track. Burnout he says is very pervasive, in the age of mobile phones, and the fast pace that businesses and consumers keep.

Paul Saunders founded the Jame River Capital Corp in 1986 and its affiliates, as part of the alternative investment department at Kidder Peabody and Company. Several year later, be bought this company with partner Kevin Brandt. He followed his passion for finance and received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Virginia and M.B.A. from University of Chicago. Paul worked in the corporate finance department and commodities at A.G Becker.

Later he became director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds at Kidder Peabody and Company and later managing director. When he purchased KP Futures Management Corporation in 1995 he changed the name to James River Capital Corp. He and his wife recently developed their own charity called Saunders Family Foundation. Learn more:

January 20, 2019

Wes Edens: Brightline Partners with Virgin Group

Wes Edens is an executive who has worked hard to find his place in the tight market. The businessman, who has earned his respect in the world of finance, had made a great impact in the community through his company, Fortress Investment Group. In his successful career life, Wes Edens has mastered how to come up with investment ideas that work. The businessman has his name in the billionaire list. This only means that the finance expert has earned his good profits from the many years he has been in business. His position at Fortress Investment Group has also helped him to make wealth. The global investment company has been performing well in the recent years, securing a leading position in the global market. The independent company is currently based in the New York States, with various offices in different places in the world.

More about of Wes Edens at

Last year, Wes Edens started a company that would be focusing in the transport industry. The new company, which is known as Brightline, has all the qualities of a successful institution in the competitive market. This firm has excellent features, and it enjoys leadership from an international finance executive who helps to make the most critical decisions in the firm. Brightline has performed well, months after coming into the railroad industry. After handling the market so well in just few months, the company has announced that it has managed to secure a partnership with an institution that is very popular in the market. The popular company is known as Virgin Group, and it is one of the most respected in the hotel and travel industry. Thanks to the partnership, Brightline will use the expertise acquired by Virgin over the years so that at the end of the day, customers will have the best experience. Together, the two firms are looking forward to form a brand that will be known as Virgin Trains USA.

With an influential founder to take care of the funding activities, Brighline is already excited about the new partnership. The expansion activities will be easier with the help of Virgin Group. The two teams look forward to working with each other and giving customers a great experience when traveling.

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January 19, 2019

Agera Energy Glassdoor Careers

Born and based in Briarcliff Manor, NY, private energy supplier Agera Energy was founded in 2014 with a customer-driven mindset, leading to over 700,000 commercial and industrial clients, about 51 to 200 employees and a rapidly increasing customer base. Agera Energy gives electricity, natural gas and utility for consumers throughout the nation.


Agera Energy is willing to help employees with anything they need and will have new hires go through all the training required to succeed with the company. The salary is base and includes commission for those looking to truly show their selling potential. No matter what the skill level, Agera Energy offers employees everything they need to flourish with the company.

January 18, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Michael Nierenberg

President and CEO, Michael Nierenberg, traded 339,177 shares of stock in New Residential Investment Corp. This brought the total transaction to $983,602 a couple of years back. The President and CEO had a stake of exactly 6,206,939 in direct shares valued at $14,734,358 at the time of close on that date. Michael Nierenberg, Chairman with NRZ, bought 18,600 shares priced at an average of $15 a share during February of 2017. This somewhat new stake is priced at $14,734,358.

About Michael Nierenberg

Mr. Nierenberg’s been a Chairman of the Board for New Residential Investment Corp ever since May 2016. He’s also been a representative on the Board of Directors starting since November 2013. He was designated as the CEO and President at the same time.

Mr. Nierenberg also serves as Managing Director with Fortress. Before growing into his CEO role at New Residential, Michael Nierenberg worked as the head of Securitized Products and Global Mortgages as well as managing director with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He was responsible for every sale and trading activity performed in that division.

Mr. Nierenberg came aboard Bank of America Merrill Lynch in November 2008 after serving with JP Morgan. He was the lead for Global Securitized Products and an associate with the management board for the investment bank. Before his tenure with JP Morgan, Michael Nierenberg had a variety of senior leadership roles throughout his fourteen years at Bear Stearns.

This included positions like co-lead for structured products, co-lead for mortgage-backed trading of securities and lead for foreign exchange trading operations and interest rates. He served as a representative for Bear Stearns’s Board of Directors from 2006-2008.

Michael Nierenberg dedicated seven years of work with Lehman Brothers before he entered into Bear Stearns and was pivotal in creating the organization’s adjustable rate mortgage venture. Michael Nierenberg’s skill, knowledge and experience that was detailed above gave the Board of Directors enough supportive evidence to decide that Mr. Nierenberg is a good pick for a director role.

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January 12, 2019

Alastair Borthwick: A Renaissance Man

Alastair Borthwick was a man of many talents, utilizing his gifts in several different ways. He had his breakthrough literary masterpieces, specifically Always A Little Further (1939) and Sans Peur (1946); Always A Little Further, a memoir inspired greatly by Borthwick´s love of the oudoors and the Scottish highlands, was the writer’s first literary success. Sans Peur, different but equally poignant, tells the tales of the final years of World War II. Borthwick was a unique and enjoyable human being.
Born in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire in 1913, he was raised in Troon, Ayrshire before eventually moving to Glasgow at the age of eleven. It was in Glasgow where Alastair first got his start in journalism. He started as a copy taker for The Evening Times and moved on to the Glasgow Weekly Herald. Still a teenager, Alastair Borthwick found the staff at the Herald to be quite thin, forcing him to cover many different columns and work in copious amounts of topics. It was here that he discovered his love for rock climbing that was the genesis behind Always A Little Further. His career was put on hold when Borthwick joined the Scottish troops in World War II.
Alastair Borthwick joined in with the 51st Highland Division’s 5th Seaforth Highlanders, eventually reaching the rank of captain. One memorable night for Borthwick came when he led a group of around 600 men in single file fashion through enemy lines to surround the sleeping German troops in the Netherlands.
After the war, along with his wife who he married in 1940, Alastair moved to the country. It was here where he felt alive, finally settling in South Ayrshire in 1960, where the family lived for the rest of their lives.
Alastair’s rich talents brought him into broadcasting, where he wrote for over 150 different programs. His favorite of them was Scottish Soldier, a 13-part series that told the stories of Scottish infantry regiments from the point of view of the soldier. Alastair Borthwick died on September 25, 2003, and will be forever remember for his wealthy talents and love for the outdoors.

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January 11, 2019

The Romantic Rebel in Wilson

Trailers of Rebel Wilson’s upcoming release ‘Isn’t it romantic’ has sure set the expectations of a romantic fantasy comedy. Comedy and funny roles are not new for Wilson and playing an Australian should come naturally to her. Wilson, who was born in Australia and spent her childhood in Sydney is one of the rare successful actresses from the continent in southern hemisphere. Rebel Wilson’s journey in Hollywood has been a long, hard working and in many ways fierce and intense one.

Isn’t it romantic is the story Natalie, of an Australian architect in New York city, who is cynical about love. At work, Natalie gets tasks that are the envy of an office assistant, in spite of being an architect by designation. A twist of fate finds her entangled in a love triangle she desperately wants to get out of. The movie draws many parallels with Rebel Wilson’s own journey.

Wilson’s family does not think she is as funny as they are in reality. As a matter of fact, Wilson never aimed for comedy at the beginning of her career. She took serious roles on stage, but the audience found her funny and laughed. The reaction initially upset Wilson, but would later on turn out to be her unique selling proposition in Hollywood.

The movie brings Rebel Wilson to the limelight, instead of her usual supporting roles or comedy supplemental touches. Trailers show Wilson fitting smoothly into the lead role with confidence. Also in the movie are India born Priyanka Chopra, playing a yoga ambassador and Adam DeVine.

The interesting part is the change Natalie s fall creates – It takes her to a world of her own PG-13 rated romantic comedy, swear words censored and her sudden shift into beautiful apartment and more attractive, expensive clothes. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Collider and Pitch Perfect 4 | Vanity Fair

Wilson was raised in Australia and studied at the Australian theater for young people. For someone who started as a shy girl in school, stepped cautiously into theater simply due to encouragement from her teacher, a young Australian woman who came to Hollywood with a bachelor’s degree in theatre and performance studies, Rebel Wilson s journey has been an inspiring one.

She began her journey with her stage musicals and followed up with some high quality stage productions. She moved to Hollywood in 2010 and her Fat Amy role in Pitch Perfect brought her the attention and acclaims. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Wilson’s immense talent was in full display in How to be single and she carries that strong character into this movie. Wilson’s natural inclination to comedy blends capriciously with her central character role in Isn’t it romantic and makes it a widely anticipated movie.

The movie is slated to be released on valentine’s day and that is very apt timing for a romantic comedy. The fantasy of garbage free NYC, huge apartment, romance hitting the most cynical architect is expected to keep audience interested, hopefully romantically.

January 06, 2019

Big plans are in the future for DAMAC despite a drop in revenue

Hussain Sajwani, who is the CEO of DAMAC Properties, was in favor of Donald Trump’s hard stance on trading with China. The DAMAC owner ironically has some deals with the president relating to golf courses, which are one of the best in the world, according to the article from The fact is that due to the tough stance on China, it hurt DAMAC Properties as its shares fell, despite this however, the company is not stopping as it plans to expand and build more property in Europe. The entrepreneur is happy that he worked with the Trump organization on the golf courses and that he does not get involved with politics as his job is within the business and in having it thrive. He states that his business keeps him very busy around the clock and that free trade is important to the business world. The DAMAC owner does not believe that profits tell the whole story when it comes to owning a business, as he believes that there are other essential elements to building a successful business such as hiring more team members, giving excellent service to customers, and getting recognition from others. Despite the drop in revenue, Hussain Sajwani believes that the real estate market will bounce back after some poor months. The entrepreneur also has his own blog where he depicts how the market has been great since 2002 when DAMAC was born, and he believes that despite the decrease in sales that it will fire back up with new properties being built and more spending being put into buildings in the country. The big mission of the DAMAC owner is to expand his business abroad to Europe as they are looking to expand in London. Brexit has shown to be a setback in the whole matter, regardless DAMAC is looking to expand their presence there. DAMAC has plenty of real estates in Dubai but also has built golf courses, parks, and villas. The next step for the company is to be able to expand their presence throughout Europe.


Gazetteday article

January 05, 2019

How Richard Liu Qiangdong Gained His Reputation As A Business Mogul

Fueled by his ambitious disposition, Richard Liu Qiangdong embarked on numerous ventures following his college career. Liu Qiandong attended the illustrious Renmin University of China, subsequently graduating with a degree in sociology. During this juncture, Richard Liu Qiandong developed a vast skill set ranging from freelance coding to computer programming. Liu Qiangdong’s ability to digest the seemingly inscrutable dynamics of computer science enabled him to thrive in a digital capacity. While getting his foot in the door, Richard Liu Qiangdong took a job at JapanLife. This corporation promised ample opportunity, and Richard Liu Qiangdong quickly graduated to executive positions.

Two short years later, Richard Liu Qiangdong acted on his urge to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. Before too long, Liu Qiangdong founded Jingdong, a Beijing-based shop offering magneto-optical products. Liu dedicated much of his time to fostering the growth of Jingdong, eventually expanding to 12 stores throughout China. Cut to 2003, and the SARS outbreak rendered Liu Qiangdong’s enterprise unprofitable. With no patrons or staff in his shop, Liu Qiangdong was forced to rework his business model. As a result, born. This e-commerce platform proved a suitable alternative, and Liu was even inspired to introduce electronics into his robust line of merchandise.

With steadily evolving, Richard Liu Qiangdong felt assured enough to cease the Jingdong business. Regarding recent developments, WeChat, a renowned Chinese multimedia software, acquired 15 percent of for a whopping $215 million. Liu Qiangdong agreed to the deal under one exception: WeChat regularly promote via their social networks. Given the billions of hits WeChat amasses a month, this was undoubtedly a sage business move on Liu’s part. These days, works in partnership with Farfetch, an online retail platform. In essence, the two enterprises combine forces to expand their influence throughout the Chinese market.

January 05, 2019

Monitoring The Mind Blowing Developments At Fortress Investment Group

The investment firm has diversified its investments over the years and that has earned it a position among the best performing in the industry. Its activities have earned it global recognition and was estimated to have an asset base worth more than $69.6 billion at the end of 2016.

Fortress Investment Group was established by Wes Edens, Rob Kaufman, and Randal Nardone. The management has always focused on adopting customer-oriented policies and that has led to an increase in the number of clients which currently stands at more than 1,750. Some of the portfolios at the organization include real estate, credit, and private equity. The company is public and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

One of the founders of Fortress Investment Group, Rob Kaufman, left the business to focus on car racing. He started his own company and has competed in many national races over the years with some of the best talents in the industry. A Japanese firm, SoftBank acquired fortress. The company has invested heavily in technology and has global recognition. It has invested in areas such as telecommunication, AI, and energy.

The acquisition deal was valued at about $3.3 billion and the money was received in cash. The decision about the merger was unanimously endorsed by all the stakeholders at the investment management firm and all the Class A shareholders received $8.08 for each share. The Fortress Investment Group shareholders were also expected to receive $0.09 for each share as dividends during the fourth quarter of 2016.

Some of the recent legislative changes prohibited the international firms to be part of the senior management in the United States. Therefore, SoftBank agreed to leave the management roles at Fortress Investment Group to the leadership team at the time of the acquisition which included Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and Randy Nardone. One of the conditions of the acquisition deal was that Fortress would continue to operate independently as the subsidiary of SoftBank. The headquarters of the company would also remain unchanged. The management of the Japanese company was impressed by the business model, personnel, and culture of Fortress and was optimistic that the partnership would be successful.