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December 31, 2018

Popular Dallas-Based Financial Institution Nexbank

About four months ago NexBank, a popular financial services company based in Dallas TX, announced it had completed a private placement of its subordinated notes (fixed-to-floating rate) to certain investors, mainly its high net worth and institutional investors. Its debt offering is worth $54 million. The proceeds from the offering will be going towards general business purposes.


The notes have a maturity of 2027, more specifically September 30 of 2027. Furthermore, for five years the notes will be non-callable, while their interest rates will be fixed for five years. The interest rate on the notes is 6.375 percent. After the five years are up, the notes will have a floating rate.


NexBank’s notes have received a BBB rating as an investment grade. Under applicable capital regulations, the notes qualify as Tier 2 capital.


Who Is NexBank

NexBank is a financial services company with its headquarters based in the city of Dallas, Texas. The company has a charter that dates back to over 20 years and their assets are worth over $7.1 billion. Their clients mainly consist of financial institutions and institutional clients. NexBank also focuses on serving the financial and banking needs of real estate investors, large corporations and mid-market companies.


Products & Services

NexBank offers a range of financial products via its three business cores, which includes mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. Through its commercial banking core, NexBank offers commercial lending services, commercial real estate lending services and treasury management. Warehouse lending and wholesale & correspondent lending services are offered via its Mortgage Banking core. For its institutional clients, NexBank offers services such as treasury management, investment banking and a range of depository services.


If you would like to become a client of NexBank or learn more about their services, then visit their website. There you will find general information, as well as their contact info.

December 20, 2018

What does Shervin Pishevar Really Express in his 21-hour Tweet Storm?

Following his unending words, you have probably come across this man, Shervin Pishevar, in various social media platforms. As, such, it is not surprising at all how he went ranting in a tweet storm for 21 hours and over 50 messages on predictions of a possible decline in the U.S economy.

Among the many issues, Pishevar, the founding father of Sherpa Capital discussed in this particular tweet include bitcoin, bonds, immigration, and SpaceX. According to him, bitcoin is likely to experience a significant drop off between 2,000 and 5,000 dollars. It will then start rising bit by bit.

From the predictions of the coming financial storm as a result of a drop in the stock market, the early Uber investor touched on the crippling situation of Silicon Valley. The tech crunch also expressed his thoughts on a wide range of other issues that are likely to affect the U.S economy. Some of the problems Shervin Pishevar predicts are;

The expected continuation in the ongoing bitcoin crash.

The United States is losing dramatically to countries like China, especially on matters involving infrastructure developments.

The likelihood of bonds volatile nature extending across other significant markets.

How California has lost its firm grip on technological innovations and cultural stability.

An extensive reduction in the stock markets by 6,000 points is on the way.

The big business organizations in the U.S will continue gaining more power due to the low rates of new business start-ups.

Notably, the 21-hour tweet storm happens to be Shervin Pishevar’s first public statement since his resignation in December following a series of sexual harassment allegations. Having been off the public eye for a considerable period, Shervin’s come back with the two-day extravaganza is quite significant. It is hard to determine his motivation for re-emergence into the limelight. Some see revenge as the motivating factor on those who tainted his excellent reputation.

Over the years, Shervin Pishevar has greatly contributed to the world of investments through his helpful insights and analysis reports on various industries. In most cases, his predictions are always true. As such, despite painting a dying picture of the state of the U.s economy in his messages, every investor who wishes to succeed should heed his warnings and prepare accordingly.

December 18, 2018

How CloudWick Expertise Can Lead To Simplified Data Exploration

As companies look to become more efficient, one of the most promising trends has been machine learning models. Able to be used in a variety of industries and for multiple purposes, these models can require minimal effort to be installed within a company’s production system. As a result, users can combine analytics and state-of-the-art technology to not only have much greater visualizations, but also much more simplified data exploration.

By taking advantage of the CloudWick platform for machine learning models, companies can engage in a variety of tasks. This can include obtaining detailed insight reports, integrating the machine learning models with existing applications, and using the latest aspects of artificial intelligence, analytics, and algorithms to assess how machine learning will most benefit the organization.

Along with this, simplified data exploration can thus be made possible. Once machine learning models are put in place and made available to all users, a single platform can be used for all data storage and security. When this occurs, little if any big data or cloud experience is required of users, enabling them to complete multiple tasks much more efficiently.

Once a system of machine learning modeling is in place, a number of solutions can be found to existing problems. For example, in many retail corporations and other companies, sales forecasting is a vital tool in being able to estimate company revenue and other important details. However, it can often be very difficult for companies to conduct this forecasting in an accurate and reliable manner. However, CloudWick technology can change all this. By incorporating CloudWick into their IT systems, companies can track various types of customer data, demographic data, and other trends to establish predictions of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales. In doing so, future revenues can be determined much more precisely, along with determining which products are selling the best.

As companies come to realize the value of machine learning modeling, CloudWick and its advanced analytics will continue to be in high demand. Whether used in retail, transportation, or even the public sector, CloudWick technology is making many tasks easier and more efficient.

December 11, 2018

Matt Badiali: Sanctions Will Force Oil Higher

Early in November, the sanctions that the Trump administration vowed to place on Iran officially went into effect. There were financial analysts who were calling for this event to mark the beginning of higher oil prices, however, the oil market remained quite calm as sanctions began. Matt Badiali is one financial analyst who is still calling for higher oil prices due to the sanctions. He is an expert on all things related to the natural resource sector. He spent much of his career going around the world inspecting natural resource assets first hand as a geologist. Matt Badiali recently broke down the reasons the oil market remained quiet after the sanctions began, and he believes that it will be the American consumer whose pocketbook is eventually impacted by rising oil prices.

Matt Badiali says that the sanctions never officially started and that is the main reason that oil prices did not react as everyone else had been anticipating. There are eight countries that currently purchase a lot of oil from Iran, and they have been given a waiver to continue to buy oil for the next six months. However, after the six-month grace period ends, the US will punish any country who purchases oil from Iran.

The reaction of the oil market was exactly what the Trump administration wants. They are hoping to put enough pressure on Iran without causing oil prices to spike in the process. Matt Badiali feels that if the sanctions stay in effect, they will eventually push oil higher. He is anticipating that Iran will see its oil exports drop significantly after the six-month grace period. He does not believe that any other country will have the capabilities to fill in the supply deficit that he is forecasting. Matt Badiali also pointed out that Venezuela is producing much less oil than it used to, which will further put more pressure on the supply side of oil. His advice to American consumers is to be ready to pay dearly at the pump when summertime comes. He feels that it is the perfect time for investors to position themselves accordingly.

Matt Badiali’s:  Facebook Page

December 10, 2018

The Success Journey Inspired by Jose Neto

Every successful thing that you see around was once a dream in one man’s head. Everything is created twice; the first time in the mind, and the second time in reality. Many people fail because they are afraid and end up limiting themselves when creating for the first time. It is critical you complete the first creation, to have the great picture in mind.
JHSF is a successful real estate firm in Brazil. It is famous for being the first real estate developer to build a shopping mall. The project was so successful because the residents got a chance to shop for everything under one roof. The JHSF has since developed multiple malls and other facilities like airports. This is all thanks to Jose Neto.

Jose Neto joined the firm at the age of 18. Later, when he was 27, he assumed the CEO position. It is worthwhile to note that he was born in the entrepreneurship world because his father was one of the brothers who started the firm. He, however, earned the position he has as a result of his contribution to the firm.

It is under the leadership of Jose Neto that they acquired the license to develop the malls. He has also taken the firm to the next level of developing properties in other states. The JHSF is set to improve and come up with more brilliant ideas with the involvement of Jose Neto in the foundation.

Final Verdict

It is not easy to accomplish our goals. We have to press on and keep trying even when our energy is drained. We have to work hard to get to the top because there is no other way out. Stop limiting yourself and think big. As the adage goes, being realistic is the fastest path to mediocrity. If the two brothers had decided to be realistic and do what everyone had been doing, the residents of Brazil could not be enjoying all these facilities.

The JHSF was once a dream of two brothers who wanted to own the largest company of real estate. They are living their dream because their firm is not only recognized nationally but internationally as well.

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December 10, 2018

How Is The Dallas Based Stream Energy Involved In Philanthropy?

Since establishment, Stream energy has dedicated its efforts towards provision of services to both residential and corporate clients. These extend from energy needs, wireless connectivity, telemedicine, and security services.

It is, therefore, only natural that a company with a ’people first’ mission statement would dedicate significant resources and time towards charitable courses with the management emphasizing on philanthropy as being part of the company’s DNA. But what philanthropic deeds has the company been involved in?

Longstanding partnerships with charity groups

Stream Energy has been involved in charitable workshops and philanthropic locally and internationally for over a decade. It has often come to the aid of distressed and disadvantaged members of the society across the country and provided them both moral and financial support.

This longstanding dedication to uplifting humanity has caught the attention of such institutions as that recently highlighted the energy company’s involvement in philanthropy. More importantly, it has earned the company long-standing relationships and partnership with equally people-minded organizations like Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

Involvement in Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey that recently swept over Houston neighborhood in Dallas, leaving a trail of destruction will forever remain arced in the history books for Stream energy. The company is hailed as among the first businesses in Dallas to come to the aid of the hurricane victims.

Apart from helping with the rescue efforts, the company employees offered moral support to these victims by supplying them with food and basic necessities. The company would also offer financial support to its clients to help accelerate their recovery.

Establishment of an internal charitable department

Despite having been involved in charitable courses and philanthropy for over ten years, most of stream energy’s philanthropic deeds were informal. However, after Hurricane Harvey, the company decided to introduce a new department within its corporate structure to address its corporate responsibility and philanthropy.

This major step was arrived at after a careful evaluation of the impact the company’s involvement in the Hurricane Harvey had. The actions have not only earned it respect in the business community but have also contributed to a surge in demand for company services among what the company management considers more loyal customers.

December 07, 2018

Gentle Haircare

Many women spend a lot of time caring for their hair. There’s washing, drying, styling, and caring for it in between washings, not to mention regular haircuts and colors. Stepping into many women’s bathrooms, you will find numerous products that women use when caring for their hair. This can be simplified by switching to WEN by Chaz Dean. WEN by Chaz has a 5 in 1 product that can replace all the bottles in your bathroom that are used to wash your hair. This one product cleanses, conditions, deep conditions, detangles, and can also be used as a leave-in conditioner. WEN by Chaz also has a mousse, styling cream, and hair care treatment to assist in styling needs.


WEN is extra gentle and will not dry out your hair. It is specially designed to moisturize and soothe your hair without washing away those necessary oils that so many harsh shampoos do with their chemicals. The Chaz Dean designed styling products are also gentle on your hair and will help strengthen it and reduce breakage. All products come in a delicious sweet almond mint scent. If you are still not sure about trying WEN, you can do so risk-free, as they offer a 60 money back guarantee on eBay. Try WEN and see how beautiful your hair can be!

December 04, 2018

Answers to Basic Freedom Checks Questions

Matt Badiali’s freedom checks left many questions unanswered when they debuted. Savvy investors quickly got past the hype and discovered the legit investment underneath. Many others shied away as the offer smelt to much of scam. Here are some concrete answer to basic freedom checks questions.

What are They?

Freedom Checks are investments in MLP stakes. These stakes function just like stocks and come from business called Master Limited Partnerships. They award buyers a percentage of the company’s profit. Like stocks this percentage is directly related to the amount of stakes owned. It is also dependent on the success of the company itself.

What are MLPs?

Master Limited Partnerships are business classifications that privately-owned companies used to operate like publicly-traded partnerships. MLPs offer stakes to investors who provide working capital through their purchase. This capital is then paid back to the investors over the course of the year. The extra money from the capital allows the business to expand and grow. This growth leads to higher profits which create higher returns.

What are Freedom Checks?

Freedom checks are essentially return of capital payments. They are paid out in monthly to quarterly installments by the company. Stateside MLPs take advantage of a unique tax break, so these payments must be dealt out before taxes are taken. Investors are awarded payouts based on the number of stakes they own and the success of the business.

What is the Billion-dollar payout Badiali Talks About?

Stateside MLPs take advantage of a tax break afforded by the government in recognition of their service. This reward is in exchange for U.S. energy independency. It is offered under a tax statue known as 26-F. MLPs have to dispense with most of their profit to take advantage of it. As over 500 companies operate as MLPs this means a huge pool of money will be paid out to investors. As U.S. natural gas and oil is currently gaining prominence this sum will get even larger. According to Badiali’s projections it will be in the billions. MLP investors will nab a piece of that large pie with their stakes.

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December 03, 2018

Ryan Seacrest, American Top Radio and Television Journalist

Ryan Seacrest was born on 24th December in 1974 in Atlanta Georgia. He is a top American and radio journalist and has hosted popular radio and television shows. The shows include American Idol television show and the radio program: On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

His career in the media took off in 1993 when he hosted ESPN sports game show: The Radical Outdoor Challenge. After two years, he hosted the favorite radio show; On Air with Ryan Seacrest, which was a top-rated weekday show. Later, he hosted gladiator, and then started co-hosting the American Idol program. The program entails singing competition, and lasted between 2002 and 2016 which left Seacrest a popular journalist.

Last year, Ryan Seacrest moved from Los Angeles to New York where he is hosting live with Ryan and Kelly. He still hosts Ryan show and other programs such as keeping with the Kardashian, American Idol, in addition to taking care of his clothing and skin care business.

He starts his day with a morning routine where he gets out of bed at 6 am, takes a shower, shaves and moisturizes his face before dressing up. He then proceeds to make his breakfast of matcha tea and coffee, which he claims sets the tone of his body. Afterward, he is ready for his morning training where he does boxing, training, and runs in the park or rides peloton bike.

He updates himself by reading through the overnight news, and watching some television programs before setting out for work. Seacrest goes through the papers as he commutes to work, and then proceeds to work the whole day. He likes vegetable foods and wine which he usually enjoys during the weekend.

Besides his career in the media industry, Ryan Seacrest is also the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a non-profit organization which works to inspire the youth by availing entertainment and education-related programs. The foundation has the objective of building broadcast media centers within pediatric health facilities for the patient to learn more about media. Such facilities are now available in various hospitals including Atlanta, Dallas, California, Denver, Charlotte, Philadelphia and Orange County among others.