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October 17, 2018

Krishen Iyer Advocated For Email Marketing to Help Grow Your Business

For a company to grow, it needs to invest in a good marketing strategy. There are so many ways that one can advertise their business and get productive outcomes. Mr. Iyer, an expert in marketing, has over the years helped companies make proper investments when it comes to marketing.


Krishen Iyer is the founder of Managed Benefits Services, an insurance marketing company in Carlsbad. His focus is on providing lead generation and consulting services for health and dental insurance companies and agents. He uses various marketing techniques including email marketing to help his clients.


According to Krishen Iyer (Carlsbad), people love communicating with other people and receiving information on the latest products and services. Since emails were among the first communication modes on the internet, they provide great opportunity to advertise one business. Iyer believes this mode of marketing is underutilized. Some of the firms who are currently using the marking idea do not fully understand how to make returns from their investment.


Some businesses are reluctant in investing in online presence . They fear that they might get their money might not bring returns. Many believe email marketing is not the best way to go as people do not read emails on advertising. He differs with this notion. He believes that email marketing can produce huge returns companies follow the rules.


Krishen Iyer has a few ideas on how businesses can earn $44 of every dollar they invest in email marketing in the United States. According to Iyer, individuals would be interested in opening your marketing emails depending on the information and language you use in an email. No longer wants to read long emails that have complicated. Keeping the info short and straightforward will help people to understand emails sent to them.


He also notes that email marketing is not just buying an email list and sending your information to them. It requires a more detailed approach to lure readers into opening their emails. According to Iyer, email ends up in the junk folder for failing to contain information that can help readers classify their email. He notes that companies who use permission marketing techniques for their marketing get the job done faster compared to the rest.


The entrepreneur advocated business to take up this marketing strategy as it is cost effective and produces big returns.

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