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September 26, 2018

Sightsavers’s Efforts for the Disabled

In the modern landscape, there are countries and regions that are much better off than others. There are over 1 million individuals with some form of a disability across the globe. While a good majority of those individuals also live under the poverty line. In order to solve this global issue, Sightsavers has invested in the Global Disability Summit to raise awareness. A recent article on the website Gazette Day goes into deeper depth on the steps being taken.


The Global Disability Summit is an event where over 800 representatives from various countries come to attend. The recent summit had 4 focus areas of improvement: Respect, Education, Economic, and Technology. In addition, Sightsavers put together their own agenda for what they wanted accomplishing from the summit. The big outcome they desire is each party remaining committed to making the lives better of those disabled while remaining transparent in their practices back home.


By the end of the summit, there were over 300 signatures in support of the policies discussed. While 170 of those members had committed to intact these new practices. These new plans range from law passage to stronger commitments. Several members will allocate more resources to conflict zones. At the same time, the world bank will strengthen the position of disabled individuals in the education systems. Sightsavers has been working tirelessly for years to get the major world to adjust their views on disabled individuals. Recently their efforts have begun to pay off.


The world is full of suppression for those who are more unfortunate than others, but organizations such as Sightsavers are doing their best to change that. The Global Disability Summit is a collective effort by the great powers of the world to change prescription and resource allotment to those disabled. Through hard work by all parties, the foundations of a brighter future for these individuals are being laid out. Sightsavers is working to change the world one step at a time.


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