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August 02, 2018

Love and Basketball (Yanni Hufnagel)

Yanni Hufnagel is the former assistant coach of Vanderbilt’s Men’s Basketball team. Prior to joining Vanderbilt, Hufnagel spent his time working for Harvard and led the school to consecutive 20-win seasons, consecutive NCAA tournament appearances, and an Ivy League title. Hufnagel has found success everywhere he has gone and it all ties back to his origins. Hufnagel received a bachelor’s from Cornell University in Industrial and Labor relations. He later went on to receive a Master’s in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration from the University of Oklahoma. Hufnagel began his coaching career at Oklahoma as a graduate assistant. Hufnagel amassed plenty of experience before taking up this mantle. That experience made the transition seamless. Hufnagel had experience working as an intern with the New Jersey Nets, and as a student manager at Cornell University. It would go to say that Hufnagel is passionate about basketball. Hufnagel has helped change the lives of many. Through his mentorship, recruitment, and development he has influenced the future. Most notable of those that Hufnagel influenced are Blake Griffin and Jeremy Lin. Both players have gone on to have success careers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Blake Griffin went on to become the first pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers. Jeremy Lin went undrafted but eventually ended up with the Golden State Warriors. Hufnagel has been able to be in positions like these because of his hard work. Hufnagel is an active recruiter and has had several of his recruitment classes ranked in the top 50 by the likes of CBS Sports, ESPN, Rivals, and Hufnagel has since moved on from Vanderbilt and has continued to actively recruit and coach. Hufnagel’s has last worked at the University of California and the University of Nevada. He looks to continue doing the thing he loves.

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