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July 26, 2018

The Career Path of Chris Burch and the Making of Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch is the founder and current CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a firm that exists for the sole purpose of providing funding, advice, and supports for new businesses that have fresh ideas and inventions, all to augment their launch into the market. Chris Burch has a long history in business involving all areas through founding, acquisition, and development of multiple businesses and brands. From luxury resorts to prefabricated tiny homes, his preferred market area is in lifestyle-focused products and consumer experiences. Aside from corporate activities, he also leverages his businesses’ profits toward philanthropic activities around the world from hospitals to child welfare initiatives.

In an interview, Burch gave a bit of insight into how he does business and where the idea for Burch Creative Capital came from. He states that he is a very curious individual, who continuously studies the world around him. After succeeding in business as a young adult, he was inspired to assist other entrepreneurs with original ideas get started. While traveling around the Americas, Chris Burch tries to insure that he works with passionate people who are willing to go above and beyond to make ideas become reality. While he actively encourages others to pursue their passions and make their ideas a reality and bring them into the market, he does not encourage them to do so blindly as he states, “My advice is always to listen”. Burch also admits to having failed thousands of times, but to him each failure was a lesson that granted him new understanding which he could then use to try again.

Burch also talks about having to constantly be in the mind of the consumer, and he claims he does so more through gadgetry than software. However, he primarily utilizes his favorite gadgets to access online podcasts and audio books to keep up with, and ultimately better understand, his consumers, refer to (

In the end, he concludes that failure is an opportunity to gain better understanding of a process and then be able to use that understanding to do better the next time. He also states that he has no regrets, aside from the possibility that he may not have been as confident in his youth as he should have been. Now, with all his experiences and life lessons, he has the opportunity and ability to assist other young entrepreneurs to confidently enter the market through his firm, Burch Creative Capital, according to

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