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May 02, 2018

Moving Forward

Nexbank is a financial services firm that is located in Dallas Texas. Nexbank is a company that is moving forward into the future with a placement of notes in order to attract high net worth investors. By completing this deal the company has acquired almost three hundred million dollars in equity over the past year and a half.

The notes for the company work this way. they have a maturity date of September 30, 2027. For the first five years of the notes, they are not callable and maintain a fixed rate of six point three seven five percent. For the last five years of the notes, the rate is a floating one and it is based on the three-month Libor average of four hundred fifty-eight and a half basis points. As of now, the notes have a stable outlook.

Nexbank is a firm that offers many types of services to customers and clients. The company offers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. Nexbank delivers high-quality service to clients and makes sure that all laws and regulations are followed. As of the end of 2017, the company currently has almost eight and a half billion dollars in assets. Nexbank offers services to any size company big or small and offers personal accounts for individuals seeking to put their money in a safe place.

Nexbank is a place that wants to offer businesses and people the most cutting-edge financial technology available. The management team wants to go above and beyond for their consumers. When it comes to mortgages and individual accounts, Nexbank wants to make sure that each transaction is a custom fit for that particular client. Taking the time to care about customers and businesses alike is the true path to success for Nexbank.

Nexbank is not content with staying in the present. The company wants to move into the future with their customers and many business clients. With the offering that was completed, Nexbank is well on the way to establishing a rock-solid future. That is the way Nexbank and their clientele would always like to keep it.

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