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February 16, 2018

Sussex Healthcare Has Got Your Back

Sussex Healthcare was founded in the year 1985 and is based in United Kingdom’s Warnham area. It is a private company that deals with the care of the old aged people and offers specialist care to grown-ups with learning and physical disabilities. Their services dwell on the areas of recreation and education, palliative care, care for dementia, respite care and specialist adult care.

The company runs a chain of care homes in East Grinstead, Billingshurst, Warnham, Sharpthorne, Henfield and Horsham among the 20 areas in the UK with the care homes. Sussex Healthcare limited also offers occupational therapy services and physiotherapy as provisional services.

Sussex Healthcare bares pride in the fact that they have been able to staff all their homes with qualified personnel. The company also provides services throughout the day and night. Sussex facilities use equipment that is up to date technology wise and reliable. The homes provide their clients with all the necessary basic needs and are keen on improving their quality of life. Sussex Healthcare limited does not only care for the individuals at their homes but rather the entire community.

Sussex Healthcare is known for its extensive training and encouragement of its staff and provides each of their staff members with an opportunity for growth. The company provides a conducive working environment for its employees and encourages constant productivity. It is also known for having strict rules on hard work and responsibility.

Other than that, Sussex healthcare provides its employees with orientation programs, vacations, and occasional bonuses. Despite the fact that the company’s workers are constantly busy and have to work extremely hard, most of them enjoy the work they do with the elderly and helping the society in general. Not only does Sussex Healthcare leave the society satisfied with its services but buy it also leaves its employees with pride for the work they do. All this is done because they realize that all the success that the company has is all thanks to the hard work done by their staff members.

Despite the company’s growth over the years, their mission remains the same, to recognize the needs of people and provide them with the uppermost standards of social, physical, emotional and spiritual care.

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