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May 26, 2017

Securus Technologies – Customer Centric Technology Firm in the Inmate Communication Arena

Securus Technologies is the name to reckon with in the prison communication and criminal justice technology in the United States. The company offers its services to not only the prisons and correctional agencies of the United States, but also of Canada and Mexico as well. The company has plans to branch out and offer its services to many other countries in the future. One of the primary services offered by Securus Technologies is to help inmates stay connected with their families, and it is why it has a range of communication services that it provides to its customers.


Securus Technologies continues to innovate and develop new services from time to time to stay ahead of the completion. One of the recent services launched by Securus Technologies is the video visitation service that would allow the inmates to meet with their families virtually. It is a very helpful service and would help increase the communication opportunities for the inmates who are always looking to meet, talk, and see their family. The company believes that such technology would help in relieving stress from the lives of the inmates, and would also be productive in reducing the crime rate in the prisons.


Securus Technologies also uses advanced technology to provide sophisticated technology and products to the law enforcement agencies. There are many different services offered by Securus to law enforcement agencies, such as Investigation PRO and LBS. It equips the law enforcement agencies with the information they need to act quickly and catch the offenders before any crime is committed.


I am one of the high ranking law enforcement officials myself and have used the Investigation PRO service on many occasions. It helps me to not only keep myself safe but also ensure that the criminals are not able to be successful with their mischievous acts. It is a very effective crime prevention service.

May 24, 2017

How Bruce Bent II Revolutionized the Financial World with the Creation of Reserve Fund

In the financial services industry, a money market fund acts as an investment with an objective of generating interests for the shareholders. It is also supposed to maintain a gross asset share of one dollar per share. Its portfolio comprises of several entities. These include monetary instruments, liquid debts, and high-quality and short-term securities. As an investor, you can buy money market fund stocks from banks, mutual funds, and brokerage firms.


Money market funds usually target investors who want to invest cash-equivalent and available assets in a safe place. They are widely bought because of their low-return and low-risk characteristics. However, investors with the intent of using them in long-term investment endeavors may find them less profitable.

Money market funds have no loads. This means that mutual funds do not charge any fee for acquiring or exiting the funds. Tax-exempt money market funds allow investors to invest in municipal securities without being taxed. The Investment Company Act of 1940 classifies money market funds as safe investments. The act also governs all activities that surround the buying and selling of the funds.

Modern-day Legislations

As of 2016, the Securities Exchange Commission set new regulations for money market funds. These regulations provide them with resilience and stability. They sensitize on the need for fund managers to use floating net asset value (NAV) in a move to replace the $1 NAV.

About Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II has been involved in many entrepreneurial ventures including asset management, intellectual property, financial technologies, business consulting, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, healthcare financing, etc. Bent is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, a peer network connecting nearly 10,000 young global business leaders worldwide and was former finance chairman of its Gotham chapter in Manhattan. He is a board member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium Association. He was also a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Manhattan and has served on the President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson, an environmental organization that protects and restores the Hudson River and its riverfront.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter and LinkedIn.

May 19, 2017

Sawyer Howitt: Big and Bold

Welcome to the life of Sawyer Howitt. As a start-up entrepreneur and one of the savviest of the savvy millennial elite, Sawyer Howitt is both athletic and brainy, young and possessed of the confidence and boldness that usually only age can bring.

With a complex and finely detailed understanding of the operations of any business and a strong, confident clarity on the financial and market needs of that same company, Sawyer Howitt is now the Project Manager at the Meriwether Group, a fresh, powerful, young millennial start-up with the ability to transform any business which needs a massive and precise overhaul. The Meriwether Group, founded by David Howitt, is an elite group of professionals whose soul purpose is to make your business functional, profitable, and dazzling on the global map. Check out the Team Profiles at their fresh, clear website.

Sawyer Howitt is one of the big boys on the block, working alongside more traditional establishments to keep them updated and completely fine tuned to the current technological marketplace and marketing opportunities. As a Business Strategy Analyst, Howitt’s keen mind and intellectual discernment make him one of the young start-up tech’s most powerful men. For a full list of his past accomplishments, visit here.

Having specialized in Entrepreneurial Finance, Sawyer Howitt is dedicated to bringing the flexibility, know-how, and technology of modern-day business to your company. A strong, innovative leader, he is set to pour forth his vast skills into many powerful enterprises. Take a leap in the future of your business and contact him today.



May 13, 2017

Beneful is full of Goodness

In today’s day and age, it can be hard to actually know what you are feeding your pets. Of course we want our dogs to have a healthy well balanced diet also. This is why feeding your dog a nutritious brand dog food is important. Beneful is one of those dog foods that is full of great nutrients that any dog owner would be happy to put into their dogs bowl.

Coming into introduction in 2001, the entire marketing strategy of Beneful was based up it’s nutritional value as well as it’s appearance. This dog food was made with beef pieces and resembled stew. What also makes Beneful unique is that they only make products that are specifically for dogs only. This includes a soy line of dog food,rather than having meat as the main protein source they have used soy in placed of that. This is the Beneful Harvest product line, which the company added in June of 2005.

It’s no wonder this product is called Beneful. They sponsor interactive billboards in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and St. Louis which allow people on the subway to play fetch with them as well as attract passerby’s to engage with them. Not only that but each year Beneful puts on a contest in which ideas are submitted for dog parks that need renovations. This is know as the ” Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest.” Dogs need a safe place to play too which is why Beneful could not have a better meaning. According to a spokesperson of the company Beneful means “full of goodness”. With everything they do it is not hard to understand why.

May 12, 2017

Jason Hope and the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, investor and philanthropist located in Scottsdale Arizona. He believes that technology is an incredibly powerful tool and is using technology and computer systems in his latest entrepreneurial work.

Jason Hope believes strongly in what is called The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the connected technology that allows devices to sync together. This allows devices to share connectivity, data and to reduce waste. Hope believes that The Internet of Things is the way of the future and will be where technological advancement gets its biggest gains.

The Internet of things is more than just connecting a smart phone to a computer, but rather connecting a coffee machine to lights, mapping out bus and train routes and changing the way that technology can really shape the way that we live. Not only will it affect the lives of people in city and suburban areas, but advancements in GPS and emergency tracking will allow rural areas to see the benefit of the Technology of Things as well.

Hope’s educational background with a B.S. in Finance and a MBA in Business, both from Arizona State University, may not illuminate his passion for technology. However, they have helped him in his entrepreneurial exploits which have lead to his passion for technology. Hope offers grants to Arizona high school seniors and college students that share his passion for technology. Philanthropically, Hope spends time and money on SENS research and offers up advice on finding a charity that best fits your passions on his website.

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May 08, 2017

CFO Cassio Audi is an Exemplification of Achievement in the Brazilian Commercial Field

The Brazilian investment management sector has developed over the most recent years. This market spins around administration of Brazilian hedge, equity investment funds, and fixed income. Among the key investment management organization is BTG Pactual.
BTG Pactual is focused on giving managerial administrations and additionally dealing with investment funds and overseeing portfolios. BTG Pactual has a united reputation that goes back three decades. BTG Pactual boosts of well planned asset management sector that has activities within Latin America and has active deals with Global Asset Management. It likewise has practical experience in fiduciary administration and merchant banking. The company operates with private managers and gives fund administration services to such organizations. BTG Pactual oversees approximately R$ 135.6 billion resources and is viewed as one of the biggest organizations in Brazil. Moreover, the firm handles activities in matters of internal control and risk management.
Cassio Audi is a financial official from Sao Paulo in Brazil. He is action oriented, hands-on, open and straightforward when it comes to matters of executing his obligations. Cassio Audi is also fluent in using English and Spanish dialects. Before, he has worked in various associations within US and Brazil. Cassio has several years of professional experience having worked and filled positions in public and private organizations.
Cassio’s professional tools were sharpened at the University of Sao Paulo. Prior, he was the overseeing executive at GVMI which is an independent equity company with operations in Brazil and United States. Cassio likewise worked at Rossi Commercial Properties being the investment executive and later on as the CFO (Chief Financial Official) of the organization. Other companies Cassio has worked with include Dow Chemical Company, JP Morgan Chase, Gillette and Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc. among several others. The current economy within Brazil has continued to expand with the help of specialist like Cassio Audi.


May 04, 2017

The Unique Personality of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is one of those people that have exceeded expectations. She is someone with a very unique personality. One of the reasons that she is so unique is because she is someone who is very calm and non-emotive. At the same time, she has broken into the world of marketing. She has taken over a couple of advertising companies and has brought them to larger global levels. This is one thing that has people scratching their heads. Normally in the world of advertising, the successful leaders are those who are very loud and emotional because they have to be able to capture the emotion of the ads that they are trying to release to the public. However, Lori Senecal is someone who knows how to channel the energy towards positive results.

Lori Senecal has gotten involved in many activities when she was young. Among the activities that she was involved in was gymnastics. This is one of the activities where she has found her comfort. She has then used her success in gymnastics to help build her confidence in order to move forward with other types of activities. While being involved with gymnastics, she has taken on coaching which helped her develop leadership skills. She has excelled in school and has graduated from McGill University. For more details visit her LinkedIn account.

After graduation, she has decided to get involved in business. One of the reasons is that she has learned how to coach and talk to people without being judgmental. After all, people are more willing and able to work with someone who does not pass judgment on them in any way. Lori Senecal instead works on ways to support them and getting them to work in ways that are productive for themselves and the company. She has shown that she knows how to manage the people that work under her.

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