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September 28, 2016

Malini Saba : Philanthropist and Inspiration

Malini Saba is the founder of the company Saban; a company that has investments in different industries across the globe. Such examples include real estate, technology companies, and the oil and gas markets.Some of her earliest investments in her career included several technology companies, including Paypal and Netscreen Technologies Inc. Malini is known as a very devoted philanthropist. In 2001 she founded “Stree: Global Investments in Women”, to help with women that are pregnant or who are at high risk as well as low income, see themselves in society. Former United States President Bill Clinton as well as Jordan’s Queen both helped inaugurate Stree.



Stree itself helps women access legal empowerment, healthcare, and a way to connect to local governments a policies in a number of countries including Africa and India. In 2004 she visited the areas hit by a tragic Tsunami that year in India and Sri Lanka. She pledged ten million dollars to help with recovery efforts. In 2005 Malini donated one million dollars to help with the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA.



Malini has been awarded several titles for her work over the years. Some of these include Entrepreneur of the Year from the Business Women Network of Washington, D.C. , in 2001, The Mother Theresa Award from Los Angeles County, CA, in 2004, Philanthropist of the Year by Pratham, an Indian NGO that promotes education for children, and much more.



Malini is an inspiration to those who read about her from all over. She initially pursued a masters in Psychology at The University of Western Australia in Perth, as well as Stanford University, but continued her education in pursuit of a PhD. While taking classes from the Universities, she took odd jobs around campus to help pay for her books, board, food, and other expenses. Eventually she began sitting in on business lectures and started to meet some venture capitalists. Taking what advice she was given, Malini began investing some of her savings in stocks in different companies as well as commodities. Her best investment returns to date have been from the various oil and gas companies that she had invested in.

September 20, 2016

IAP Worldwide; Committed to Providing the Highest Quality Services

IAP Worldwide boasts of 60 years of operational experience and of being a leading logistic contractor providing mission support to various security agencies of the US government. The company’s headquarters are in Cape Canaveral. To maintain a global reach, it has regional offices across the world with a presence in such cities as Washington DC, Panama City, Irmo, and 50 other locations.

With its operations perfected over six decades, IAP Worldwide Services has brought together a team of highly trained employees who are spread over 20 countries. IAP’s services are focused towards completing missions successfully regardless of the hardships that might be encountered in the process. They are often involved in supporting military missions, assisting in the delivery of medical services and supplies, and in evacuations and rescue when disasters strike.

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IAP Worldwide’s services are provided by a team consisting over 1500 employees possessing exceptional skills and capabilities. The company hires employees in technical fields including program management, engineering, construction, and finance management. The company emphasizes the need for employees to be flexible and creative since their customers’ needs are often addressed as unique cases. The employees must possess an ability to tackle emerging issues that may be inevitable while working under highly demanding conditions.

An example of their mission is the upgrading of The Kabul Air Control Center in 2015. The control center was established to offer communication support to Operation Enduring Freedom, one of U.S military’s missions in Afghanistan. The military contracted IAP Worldwide to improve the country’s aviation and communication infrastructure. With the help of IAP, the center acquired the capability to monitor commercial, military, and civilian flights. This stabilized the airline industry in the country thus generating income for the country.

In a bid to remain as efficient as possible, IAP Worldwide engages in strategic acquisitions of different technological solutions that ensure the firm remain on top of the logistic industry. In order to acquire the technologies, IAP has purchased companies such as;

• DRS Technologies, Inc.’s Aviation and Logistics Business (A&L). The acquired unit specializes in technologies crucial to mission support.

• Tactical Communications and Networks Solutions (TCNS) also acquired from DRS Technologies, set to enhance IAP capabilities to undertake aircraft repairs and provision of information technologies.

The CEO of IAP Worldwide Services revealed that the acquisition of the two companies was part of a strategy to bolster IAP Worldwide Services’ position as a provider of aviation and engineering solutions. This were areas that were crucial in assuring delivery of superior services to their clients.

George Soros on Why You Should Buy More Gold from the World Leading Gold Distributor- U.S. Money Reserve

The U.S Money Reserve Inc. started in 2002 by gold market veterans whose aim was to combine high customer service, expertise on the market trends and trusted guidance during the purchase of precious metals. The Texas-based company has 51-200 employees with specialties in gold, silver coins and bullion, and platinum coins.

The U.S Money Reserve has since grown the world’s leading industry in the private distribution of gold, silver, and platinum in U.S. and other foreign government. Therefore, thousands of clients across the country have expanded their assets to include physical precious metals in the form of the U.S gold and silver coins.

U.S. Money Reserve offers outstanding customer services to their clients thus establishing a long-term relationship with them. They have professionals with expert knowledge of the market and aid in finding products with high-profit potential for the metal buyers. Their linked page U.S. Reserve has information on that.

The professionals include the Senior Gold Specialists, Coin Research Professionals, Numismatic Experts and Sales Verification Personnel. Philip Diehl, the President U.S. Money Reserve, has helped in realizing the company’s goal. He has held the view that the rise of Brazil, India, Russia and China has increased a high level of uncertainty in the world’s economy, which in turn puts the price of gold under pressure.

Phillip is also an appointed chair of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), which is an organization that supports paper money, rare coins, and the precious metals.

George Soros is the most watched security, stock, and money market trader in the world and one of the investors in the gold mining industries since 2014. He advises the Americans to buy gold as early as possible following an anticipated economic collapse. Gold will always hold an upper hand over paper money holding to the fact that it is scarce and cannot be manipulated to suit political needs during an economic crisis.

According to Manta, U.S. Money Reserve aims at giving their clients the best services and precious metals there is in the market. Additionally, they have helped their clients make decisions on the coins with the highest value leading to high profits, and this has earned them trust from their customers.